Sunday, November 2, 2008

McCain wins mock high school vote

Arizona Sen. John McCain won a landslide victory in the mock presidential elections held at Cleveland and Bradley County high schools.The Republican ticket of McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin won 61.2 percent of the 2,121 votes cast at Cleveland High School, Bradley Central High School and Walker Valley High School. McCain received 1,298 to 823 votes cast for Ill. Sen. Barack Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.Cleveland resident Sarah Palen, a student at Cleveland State Community College, said in a Friday interview politics should not drive a wedge between people regardless of who wins."I get along with everybody," she said. "What they believe in (politically) doesn't make a friend."Her best friend is Jessica Spors, who favors Obama."We are inseparable," Jessica said. "We do everything together."The vote among Cleveland High School students was the only three of the schools where the vote was close. McCain drew 322 votes (52.61 percent) to 290 (47.39 percent) favoring Obama.The McCain-Palin ticket collected 395 (66.05 percent) at Walker Valley to 203 (33.95 percent) for Obama and Biden. At Bradley Central, the numbers were 581 to 330 or 63.78 to 36.22 percent.

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