Sunday, November 2, 2008

LOL!!!!Fox News Network given 6 hours Ultimatum by API: Air the Michelle Obama tape or else face a legal battle for a breach of contract

API chose Fox News Network as a partner in Michelle Obama tapes’ deal, due to the advise received from all the readers who informed API that the News outlet was one we could trust to air the tape unedited.

Now that the Network has not done as agreed on the 28th of last month, API remains with only one choice in order to force the issue to be resolved immediately. The choice API has now chosen is to give an ultimatum to Fox News Network and hope the situation will be resolved in a few hours to come.

Today afternoon, API took a bold step to give Fox News Network a six hours ultimatum to decide on an immediate release of the tape - “that the tape be aired as soon as possible, latest tomorrow the 3rd of November if it has to have any value in connection with the US Presidential elections taking place on Tuesday the 4th of this month

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