Tuesday, November 4, 2008



*22% of the vote is African American and Obama is winning 91% of it.
*Among white voters, 58% are backing McCain, while 41% are supporting Obama. In 2004, Kerry won 32% of the vote here while Bush won 68% of it.
*72% disapprove of the job Bush is doing; only 27% approve.
*More than half of voters think McCain will continue Bush's policies; fewer think he will take the country in a different direction.
*Obama is winning the support of both men and women, but white men and white women are backing McCain.
*Among whites, one in five said race was a factor in their vote today and they backed McCain.
*More blacks (4 in 10) said race was a factor and they voted overwhelmingly for Obama.
*Obama looks to be improving on Kerry's margins in Northern Virginia.
*Most voters say McCain as the candidate on the attack: nearly 7 in 10 say he attacked Obama unfairly; fewer than half say Obama attacked McCain unfairly.


*The economy is the top issue here (as it is nationally) and Obama appears to be benefitting from that. Among economy voters, Obama 56% to 43%.
*White working class (those without a college degree and earn less than $50K) are backing Obama slightly over McCain by 51% to 48%.
*Men are divided in their support, while Obama has the advantage with women.
*42% of voters are white evangelicals, up from 35% in 2004. McCain is getting 68% of their support. Bush captured 77% of the vote in 2004.
*35% of voters in IN were looking for a candidate who could bring about change, while almost as many (33%) were looking for someone who shares their values. The change voters are supporting Obama, while the values voters are supporting McCain.


*30% of voters are African American (up from 25% in 2004) and 97% are backing Obama.
*Whites are backing McCain by about the same margin they supported Bush in 2004.
*The top candidate quality was values, closely followed by change. Those who selected values as the most important quality backed McCain, while the change voters supported Obama.


*22% of voters were African American (26% in 2004) and Obama is getting 97% of their vote. As expected, an improvement on Kerry's performance four years ago.
*White voters are backing McCain by 62% to 37%.
*11% of voters in NC are new voters, voting for the first time this year, they too have the economy on their minds and 3 in 4 of them are backing Obama.
*Change and values are nearly tied for the #1 quality. Obama wins the change people, while McCain takes the values people.


*86% are worried about the direction of the economy, including more than half who are very worried. (Obama is getting the support of those worried voters.)
*Hillary Clinton won the primary here, and Obama is getting the support of 82% of Democrats who backed her in that contest. 16% are backing McCain.
*12% of voters in Ohio are black, up from 10% in 2004. 98% of them are backing Obama.
*Both white women and white women are going for McCain.
*More voters see view Obama has a candidate who is in touch with people like them, while more voters see McCain has having the experience to serve effectively as president.
*Still, 4 in 10 Ohio voters think Obama's positions on the issues are too liberal.


*A quarter of voters in PA are white Catholics and they are splitting their votes. Kerry lost these voters to Bush by 48% to 52%.
*Seniors are one-fifth of the electorate and just over half are backing Obama. These voters narrowly backed Kerry by 51% to 48% in 2004.
*Obama is getting about two-thirds of the support of voters age 18-29. Kerry won 60% of them in 2004.
*Most voters in the Keystone state made up their minds long ago, but among those who decided in the last week (just over 1 in 10 voters), they are narrowly backing McCain by 51% to 47%.


*13% of voters here were Hispanics (15% in 2004) and they are breaking for Obama by 55% to 45%. This is a reversal from 2004 when Hispanics backed Bush by 56% to 44%.
*Seniors (24% of voters) are backing McCain over Obama by 53% 46%. In 2004 Bush edged out Kerry by 51% to 48%.
*13% of voters are African American in Florida and they and 95% are backing Obama.
*White men and white women are backing McCain.
*McCain wins on experience here, while more voters see Obama as being more in touch with people like them.


* Young voters (19% of voters) are backing Obama; while seniors (17% of voters) give McCain the edge.
* White evangelical are 38% of the vote in Missouri and they are backing McCain by 67% to 32%. Not as strong a showing as Bush in 2004.

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