Friday, October 31, 2008

Poll: Obama leads McCain by one point in battleground states

A Halloween Day poll shows John McCain trailing Barack Obama by one point in the “toss-up” states that could decide Tuesday’s presidential election.

The George Washington University Battleground Poll gives Obama and running mate Joe Biden 47 percent, with 46 percent for McCain and running mate Sarah Palin in those states and 4 percent undecided.

The Obama-Biden lead overall in the GWU poll was 48 percent to 45 percent. The survey was released Oct. 31 and questioned 1,000 voters.

Mccain Pollster: Republican running almost even in Party ID vote

McCain pollster sees smaller Dem #'s than predicted

Bill McInturff of the McCain campaign thinks we will see a much smaller Democratic advantage than many pollsters have been telling us for much of this year.

"Now in the modern year, '84 on, every cycle, the worst possible cycle, 1992, among people who went to vote, they were by five points Democrat. So what we're seeing in that last week or ten days is intensity increasing with some of the core Republican coalition, so that they are finally kicking in and going up, and as that happens we're seeing a closing in party identification. And I believe that party ID on election day in the exit polls, and then of course incorporate early voters is going to be in that kind of historic norm of minus three to minus five. And when that happens, John McCain and our stuff always run ah ead of party ID. And so this kind of rising intensity with our coalition, the consolidating of party identification is helping create a very, very close result.


As of 4:19PM 10/31/2008

Ballots Returned by Mail or Early Vote BY PARTY ID ONLY.
Dems 488,575 37.6%

Reps 465,869 35.9%

Ind 336,511 25.9%

Among mail in ballots Republicans have returned 64.9% of all the mail in's they requested

Democrats have returned 63.3% of the mail in ballots they requested

Unaffiliateds have returned 54.3% of the mail in ballots they requested.

Assuming 92% of Republicans support McCain, 86% of Dems Support Obama and Indies split evenly, the PROJECTED vote totals thus far look like this:

McCain - 665255 51.5%

Obama - 625698 48.5%

Bill Kristol: predicts a Mccain Win (its gona be huge)


Obama supporter hails the bringer of all good things

Federal employees support *McCain*,51% to 46%,

Is The Presidential Election Close? Very Close According to Latest (and Last) Survey Before the Election

The shifting preferences in the American race for president have been volatile this year. We have periodically asked readers their opinion on the candidates. The federal workforce is large, diverse, and pays attention to political issues--probably much more attention than the average American--and the results of these informal surveys have been consistent with national trends in the election process. In some cases, going back through the last election cycle in 2004, the opinions of our readers presaged similar trends among the general electorate.

STILL TIGHT: IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: O-48.2%, M-43.8%, Undecided-8.0%

HOPE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: Rendell says race is closer than polls indicate

Gov. Ed Rendell Friday said the presidential race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain is "closer than the polls indicate." Urging people to get out and vote in Tuesday's general election, Rendell said Obama does not have a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania and he told voters to take an umbrella and dress warmly to withstand the weather.

"Stay in that line and make sure you vote," Rendell told about 50 people at Wilkes University. "I've seen polls that have the race as close as four points."

Rendell also said the addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket has "enthused" the campaign.
"She has drawn thousands of people to every event she has appeared at," Rendell said.

Team McCain conference call: WITNESS A MCCAIN COMEBACK

Pennsylvania appears within the margin of error, and a last-minute surprise could turn the race in McCain’s favor — or so they would like to think. Team McCain held a press conference today with campaign leaders Rick Davis, pollster Bill McInturff, Mike DuHaime and Christian Ferry to discuss the latest in national and state polling.
Davis says we’re witnessing one of the greatest comebacks in political history, or at least since McCain won the primaries. Crowds are huge, and energy is high. Sarah Palin is electrifying crowds and bringing people back into the game. They feel they have the momentum, increasing polling in every battleground state over the past week, and have gotten past the effect of the financial collapse.
Team McCain says they have Iowa as a dead heat, and Obama seems to confirm that. He’s going back to Iowa over the weekend. If Iowa was not in play, Obama wouldn’t bother. Team McCain seems to believe that more than a few Obama states may be heading back into play.
McInturff says that intensity is increasing among core Republican coalitions, and that has brought a narrowing of the gap in party identification. He predicts a final gap of 3-5 points. McCain has always run ahead of party ID, and they see this as a big plus. He also sees Obama’s numbers dropping in battleground states, and thinks Obama will have a tough time getting to 50%.
Turnout models show a big response from Republicans as well as Democrats. He thinks this will be closer to 2004 than 2000, and it may improve even more over the weekend. McInturff says that this will be a close election, but that McCain is very much in it.
On the GOTV efforts, they say that they have spent more money on turnout in the past two months than any other election. The RNC’s ability to raise money has given the GOP parity on GOTV and in advertising. Their turnout efforts grow week-on-week, and may be the most underreported aspect of the campaign. The microtargeting, VOIP efforts, and analytical models continues to improve the GOTV efforts. They’ve made 5.3 million targeted calls and doorknocks in the past week, and 1.3 million yesterday, to persuadable voters, and 24 million to date. That’s a major improvement over 2004 and 2006, and they expect to make 17 million more in the next 72 hours.
On absentee and early voting, they are seeing big increases in the number, but not much different in the party-ID gap. In Florida, McCain has an advantage in the total number of both. Nevada has about the same breakout as it did in 2004. Pennsylvania gave the GOP a lead on absentee ballots, 56-44, and younger voters are in roughly the same proportion as they had been before. New Democratic registrants this year actually make up a somewhat lower proportion of early voters in PA.

Rick Davis: McCain 'Dead Even in Iowa'
Everyone has written-off Iowa. In fact, we've been very curious as to why McCain -- who opposes Ethanol subsidies -- has "wasted" his time there this year.

I'm on a conference call right now with McCain campaign manager Rick Davis. According to Davis, McCain's internal polling shows them "dead-even in Iowa." Davis says this is the reason Obama is headed there to campaign



McCain Voters Less Likely To Respond To Exit Pollsters

Obviously, it's tough to measure the attitudes of those who refuse to talk to pollsters, but this question in Fox News' latest survey confirms a long-held suspicion:

40. Every election, the television networks conduct exit polls of people as they leave their polling places on Election Day. If you were asked to participate, how likely is it you would be willing to spend 10 minutes filling out a questionnaire?

Obama voterswho responded very likely/somewhat likely: 77 percent.

McCain voters who responded very likely/somewhat likely: 64 percent.

Obama voters who responded not very likely/not at all likely: 20 percent.

McCain voters who responded not very likely/not at all likely: 32 percent.



The Obama campaign has decided to heave out three newspapers from its plane for the final days of its blitz across battleground states -- and all three endorsed Sen. John McCain for president!

The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have all been told to move out by Sunday to make room for network bigwigs -- and possibly for the inclusion of reporters from two black magazines, ESSENCE and JET, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Rasmussen: Obama 51, Mccain 47 (M +1)


One in seven, or 14 percent, can't decide, or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll of likely voters released Friday.

The survey found Obama leading McCain among all likely voters, 51 percent to 43 percent, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Almost four in 10 persuadables lean toward McCain, and about as many are considering backing Obama, while the rest are either undecided or lean toward other candidates.

*(IF U LOOK INTO THE POLL: only 6% of undecided are CONSIDERING to vote for Obama , while 6 % are leaning already to Mccain, if Mccain is to persuade the other 2% to vote for him, or when they decide to break for Mccain , Mccain is on the hill to win the Election .)*


Source: Quinn & rose radio show

NJ: Mccain 48 , Obama 43
MI: Mccain 44 ,Obama 42
PA: Mccain 55 ,Obama 33

(Dem vote in PA is: Obama 47, Mccain 37)

UNDECIDED are breaking 4-1 to Mccain

Tito the Plumber clashes with Colmes

Strategic Vision Pennsylvania Poll: 0bama 49%, McCain 44%


email your comments . predictions & thoughts on this Election - who will Win & what is at stake & why your voting for Mccain or Obama!
and on Sunday we will post it ina special Edition of 'let your voice be Heared'



Obama 50
Mccain 43


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robart novak predicts: Mccain 's cling to Victory depends on PA

''....Right now, we foresee McCain winning most of the closest states. Despite slim poll leads for Obama or statistical ties, we see McCain as the favorite in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana, Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina. Obama, however, is poised to capture Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, and New Hampshire.

Florida is the toughest state to read. Reuters/Zogby has a tie, while all other polls show Obama above 50%. McCain's advantage among the senior vote has eroded, and the Cuban advantage has melted away. Still, barring a late Obama surge there, McCain will eke this one out.

In Pennsylvania, McCain is making a strong, but long-shot push..."

"....The election is still winnable for McCain. Remember that pollsters are factoring into their results an assumed higher black turnout and higher youth turnout than normal. Also, remember that Republican voters--especially this year, with Democratic politicians attributing opposition to Obama to racism or redneck prejudice--are far coyer about answering pollsters..."


n John McCain is gaining a larger share of the traditionally Democratic Jewish vote that could be a deciding factor in several battleground states, according to three recent polls.
He also appears to be more popular among younger Jews than those 55 and over—a striking finding that goes against the common wisdom that older Jews concerned about Barack Obama’s positions on Israel are a threat to the Democrat.
Obama has support among 57 percent of Jewish voters compared to McCain’s 30 percent. Another 13 percent are undecided, according to a telephone survey of one thousand American Jews conducted by the American Jewish Committee.
What’s striking, though, is how small Obama’s support is among a base that traditionally has leaned nearly 3 to 1 in favor of Democrats over the last few decades.

In more promising news for McCain, a poll commissioned by (VFI), a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting voter registration and participation amongst American citizens living in Israel, 76 percent of polled American voters in Israel reported that they had voted for John McCain for President.

More than half of that group would likely be filing absentee ballots for Ohio and Florida. The poll, which was conducted by KEEVOON, a Jerusalem-based Research firm, was based upon data from 817 voters who attended US Election events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv organized by VFI combined with on-line surveys

Mccain is scheduled to appear on SNL this weekend

Joe the Plumber directly challenges OBAMA to "come clean"

Bill Clinton admits that Obama didn’t know what to do about the economy

the key part comes at 8:25:

“I haven’t cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers (during the crisis),” Clinton told the crowd at a Wednesday night rally with Obama in Florida. “He said, ‘Tell me what the right thing to do is. What’s the right thing for America? Don’t tell me what’s popular. You tell me what’s right — I’ll figure out how to sell it.’”

McCain: "We Are Going to Win This Election", We do best as Underdog

John McCain, predicting "we may be up late" on Election Day, told FOX News on Thursday that he intends to surge in the final hours of his underdog presidential campaign.

"I hope it peaks out at just about mid-day next Tuesday. We are excited about where we are going. People are beginning to focus on the campaign," McCain told FOX News, in between a whirlwind of campaign stops in Ohio.

"We are going to win this election but I understand that it is still an uphill fight, and I have got to be the underdog right up until the polls open," McCain said. "And I am serious about that -- that's when we do best."



Based on the total early and absentee ballots casted so far(2,979,991.20), and based on both McCain & Obama getting all the party's support, and Obama getting 5% more of independents, according to the latest media polls, Obama is only leading with approx 7.5 % in early voting, while John Kerry led Bush by 16% in early voting and lost to Bush with 5%, and based on reports that Obama is supposed to get a huge lead among early voters and in voter turn out, Barack Obama is about to lose Florida to McCain with a significant Margin .

Romney: Obama Would Kill Millions of Jobs

In the final days of the campaign, John McCain needs to emphasize that Barack Obama would kill millions of jobs, Mitt Romney tells Newsmax.

“It’s too late in the process to be unveiling new initiatives,” Romney says. “Instead, you focus on the consequences of an Obama presidency and the benefits of a McCain presidency. And frankly, in my lifetime, I don’t recall a more anti-job program than Barack Obama’s.”

McCain’s program creates jobs, Romney says, while Obama’s shrinks them.

“My own view is that’s the message in the last days. Boil it down in a way that people understand,” Romney says. “You don’t have to go through all the differences and the details. The headline is: Barack Obama will kill millions of jobs in America; John McCain will create millions of jobs in America.”

DailyKos poll: Mccain gained 1 point , Obama 50, Mccain 45


Exit polling of early voters conducted by a local political consultant suggests a close presidential contest in the Silver State: Democratic nominee Barack Obama had the votes of 50 percent who had voted, while Republican nominee John McCain had 48 percent of the early vote. (300,00.00 VOTES)


Link: Rick Davis Closing the gap


Republicans have cut the Democratic advantage in the generic ballot question in half over the past week, according to a new GW-Battleground poll.

Democrats now lead by four points, their slimmest lead in more than three years. A week ago, according to the George Washington University poll, their advantage was eight points. Meantime, the congressional approval rating remained low, at 19 percent, up two points from the previous poll.

While the poll could give Republican candidates hope in a tough political landscape for the GOP, it had only mixed news for the party’s presidential candidate, John McCain. The Arizona senator remained three points behind Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).


Andy Martin predicts John McCain will win the White House

Obama's supporters are "moral mercenaries' in Martin's eyes. McCain will prevail "by a whisker." Martin is avoiding Obama's $2 million "Temple of Obama" in Grant Park, Chicago on election night.

Andy Martin calls the election for Senator John McCain
He says if present trends continue, it's McCain by a whisker
Andy will be staying away from the $2 million "Temple of Obama" in Grant Park, Chicago on election night

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says Senator
John McCain is going to win the presidency, by a whisker.

"McCain has finally shown who he is," Martin says. "McCain took command."

"Forty-two years of politics at the national and state level convince me John McCain is going to squeak in," Andy says.

"McCain is a warrior, and warriors perform at their best with their backs to the wall. McCain's campaign-if it continues-has hit its stride at the opportune moment."



Obama leads Mccain by only 4 points
Obama 47
Mccain 43


VIRGINIA HOPE: Mccain is in to grab it

2 polls showing Hope for Mccain in VA.

Marist: Obama 51 Mccain 47
FD: Obama 48 Mccain 44


a woman standing in the Line in my store listened in to a conversation I had about the Elections ...she confronts me: '' I hope you are not voting for him (Obama)... DON'T LET HIM IN...''

Republican John McCain Endorsed By Aerosmith Star

Republican John McCain's bid to become the next president of the United States has won the support of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

The guitarist told the Boston Herald that he thought Mr McCain was better suited to solving threats to America's national security and its economic problems than rival Barack Obama.

He also said he believed Mr McCain could still overhaul Mr Obama's lead in the polls.

“I’m an optimist. It ain’t over till its over. I think that he’s got a chance,” he said.

Exit Polls in Israel: MCCAIN 76 OBAMA 24

exit poll of US citizens in Israel show the a majority of 3-1 castred their votes to Mccain.

The Phillies victory is good news for McCain

The only other time the Phillies won the World Series, a Republican has won the White House. And the last time — in 1980 — Reagan came back from behind (as Karl Rove notes today, Ronaldus Magnus is the only presidential candidate to pull off a victory when the Gallup Poll in the week before the election showed him losing). It's fate. A Phillies World Series championship means that McCain will pull off a similar miracle — defeating Obama on Tuesda



.......But he isn’t telling the truth. He’s saying that his electoral map reflects all of the state public polls. You know, like the AP polls of battleground states that were released yesterday. These polls clearly oversampled youths, blacks, single women, etc. Instead of calling these polls what they truly are, O’Reilly and Rove are “playing the game” along with MSM. This is absolutely brilliant. In fact, it is Rove’s Royal Flush:

First Card: McCain supporters will be nervous – they’ll GOTV

Second Card: Obama supporters will become complacent – “Hey you guys, there is nothing to worry about.”

Third Card: McCain Will Win

Fourth Card: The legitimacy of current and future polls will be questioned for a decade.

Fifth Card: McCain’s win will accelerate of the demise of the MSM


- In a shocking reversal, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain.
With major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker the Alien has changed his endorsement amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, as the Alien has correctly predicted the winning president in every election for the past 28 years.

Masondixon Poll: PA in Mccain's Favour

Obama's lead shrinks to 4
Obama 47
Mccain 43




(zogby polls during daytime. when a majority of hard working people are at work)


Obama 50 Mccain 43

AP Runs Article Critical of Obama Informercial (CLICK TO LINK)

SHOCKER: Team Hillary believes McCain will win New Hampshire, Iowa, and MAINE


Tonight’s been a busy night, in that we’ve talked to a half dozen people on three times as many subjects - including Team Hillary members in New Hampshire and Maine, who we know well from the primaries.

Here’s the kicker: these people aren’t McCain supporters. Several are working for Obama now in both states, because they have political jobs and thus must tow the party line. Others are voting Green and no longer campaigning for anyone, but are tuned into things in their states.

We know nothing about New Hampshire or Maine and have never pretended to. We won’t start now. All we’ll tell you is what these people told us tonight, and it’s that they truly do expect John McCain to win both New Hampshire and Maine next week, for the reasons they gave below:

(1) In both states, they have never seen an enthusiasm deficit for Democrats like this. Hillary Democrats there say there are more “closet McCain supporters” than anyone can count. Despite what the media says, people are not enthused and fired up to go out and vote for Obama — quite the contrary: people are scare of Obama’s policies and will be voting McCain. The enthusiasm deficit in both New Hampshire and Maine is “as clear as day” according to those we spoke to tonight. They say they do not see anywhere near the level of Obama signs, stickers, buttons, etc. out this year, as they did Kerry, Gore, Clinton, and even Dukakis gear in years past.

(2) We asked why people in these states are not voting for Obama and were told that in Maine, especially, a lot of it has to do with Joe the Plumber and redistributing the wealth. Much of Maine makes its living off the sea: fishermen pull in $200,000 or more a year in family businesses. Joe Biden’s slip that Obama really intends to define “wealthy” as $150,000 a year or above sent terror through Maine’s fishing community and other small business industries. We were told tonight that Maine and New Hampshire have more small family businesses that would be affected by Obama’s redistribution of wealth than we could imagine: tonight we were told it looks like McCain will win the whole state, not just that one congessional district.

(3) Sarah Palin was the smartest move John McCain could ever have made — she is playing incredibly well in Maine and New Hampshire, two states made up of mostly small towns, all of whom are outdoorsy and have traditions of female mayors, council members, and other high elected officials. Maine has two female United States Senators.

The other interesting tidbit that came out of the conversation tonight was that of the Hillary Clinton convention delegates who are openly supporting John McCain, the largest number of these people come from states that held caucuses.

We were told tonight that no one is yet picking up on the fact that Democrats in states that held caucuses, and who saw firsthand the fraud, voter intimidation, and other vile tricks Obama pulled in caucus states have NOT forgotten about any of this. These people are still LIVID that a Democrat dared to use Chicago fraud and intimidation to game the caucus system. .

They have never seen enthusiasm for a Democratic candidate so low — or fear of small-business-killing socialism so high. These people know in their guts McCain will win these states.

It’s how we feel about Ohio, the state we know best and report on frequently here. McCain will win Ohio, with no doubt in our mind. And others feel the same about New Hampshire, Maine, and Iowa.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A MUST LISTEN:RUSH LIMBAUGH 'S Prebuttal to Obama's Infomercial (CLICK TO LINK)

.........So I come to you, my fellow Americans, with a simple message. If you believe in the principles and the institutions that have made this nation great, that have given more liberty and prosperity to more people than any other system on the face of the earth, that have created the most tolerant and giving and successful society in human history, then I urge you to reject the candidate who rejects these and our principles. If you want to leave your children and grandchildren and generations yet to come a country that is as free and hopeful and magnificent as the country you live in today and that your parents and grandparents left you, you will reject the candidate who rejects individual liberty, private property rights, and the Constitution. Do not allow a charismatic demagogue to change our great nation in ways that will diminish it. You have your destiny and America's destiny in your own hands, you, not the media, not the pollsters, not the pundits, you will decide this election. You will decide if you want to live in America or someplace that you won't recognize in a few years. You will decide if the principles that have served this nation so well will remain our governing principles.

This election, only six days away, is the most important election in our lifetime. Everything is at stake. We know this because Obama has said so. He has thrown down the gauntlet. He is running against our history. He is running against the system. He is running against our liberty, and so it is that I ask you on November 4th, next Tuesday, vote for liberty, your own and the nations. Vote for opportunity, your own and your children's. Vote for America. Vote for McCain-Palin. You will hear Obama tonight say that we have been talking about the same problems for decades and nothing has ever been done to solve them. This may be the most accurate statement Barack Obama has made, or will make, in the campaign. We have been talking about the same problems for decades. The problem is that for most of these decades, the people who have been fixing them have made them worse. It's not that we have done nothing to solve these problems.

2 reason's Clinton is stumping for Obama

1. since the race is tightening and they are losing ground in the Battleground states, they need somebody to rally the supporters,and to defend Obama , and when he gets to lie, he is at his best.

2. Clinton doesn't really want Obama to win, so he stays the only Dem to beat a Republican and stay in History as the best Dem President, so when he has seen the race tighten, he doesn't mind to support ,and not to be blamed on defeat.


API/Fox News deal: Sean Hannity show and Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” to air the Michelle Obama tape in less than 24 hours.

is Chris Mattews gay? (OBAMA'S INFOMERCIAL WAS ROMANCE...)

Found: Barack Obama aunt living in Boston slum!

Multi-millionaire Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s aunt has been found living in a rundown Boston slum.

Speaking outside her home in Flaherty Way, South Boston, on Tuesday, Ms Onyango, 56, confirmed she was the “Auntie Zeituni” in Mr Obama’s memoir. She declined to answer most other questions about her relationship with the presidential contender until after the November 4 election. “I can’t talk about it, I just pray for him, that’s all,” she said, adding: “After the 4th, I can talk to anyone.”

McCain Implies Bias in LA Times Withholding of Obama Tape

"The Los Angeles Times refuses to make that videotape public. I'm not in the business of talking about media bias but what if there was a tape with John McCain with a neo-Nazi outfit being held by some media outlet? I think the treatment of the issue would be slightly different."

Morris: "This election is tied with 6 days to go"

from FreeRepublic:
On the O'Reilly Factor Dick Morris just said this campaign is "tied, with six days to go." He believes there are no "undecideds" at this point, just people who will vote for McCan but don't want to tell anyone. He said that seniors are getting very nervous about Obama's scumbag friends and his tax-and-spend plans, which McCain is hitting. He also said that seniors are getting scared of health care rationing, which is "the unavoidable result of suddenly adding 50 million new insureds to a system with zero new doctors and nurses." He raised the specter of people over 55 being denied medical treatment in such a scenario, as is happening in Britian and Canada. He finished with stating that the elderly white voter will not vote for Obama, regardless of what they tell polsters.

I know Morris loves the sound of his own voice, but he all but said he expects McCain to win "and will know for sure by Monday." But he refused to say so straight out, despite O'Reilly's urging.

A MUST SEE!!!!! Rev. Jessi Lee Peterson's Speech on "Why Barack Obama and Liberal Policies are Bad for America"




A new poll shows Missouri voters are still about evenly divided when it comes to the presidential race. The CNN/Time/Opinion Research poll of 825 likely Missouri voters had McCain at 50 percent and Obama at 48 percent.

IF A 2 POINT LEAD IS A TIE. I UNDERSTAND THAT A 3 POINT LEAD IS A SIGNIFICANT LEAD & A 4 POINT LEAD IS A HISTORICAL LANDSLIDE...BUT OF COURSE ONLY IF ITS OBAMA'S FAVOUR... Of course in such a close race a Small lead doesn't count... but after spending a record amount of money and being the Front runner since he entered the Race as Nominee after 8 years of Republican and a Shattered Economy... after getting the support of the MSM & endorsements of all major Newspapers and Public figures... getting defended and being Protected from any Release or evidence on his past association's & beliefs...this Race is still so Close and all the Swing states are considured Toss-ups...this indicates that John Mccain has been vetted and being in favour of accepting the Trust of the American people on Nov. 4.


A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll gave McCain a 49-45 lead over Democrat Barack Obama among Floridians who have already voted.

And Republicans continued to show a traditional strength, leading 50 percent to the Democrats' 30 percent in the 1.2 million absentee ballots already returned

Coleman Tops Franken 43% to 39% in Minnesota (rasmussen)

Rasmussen Michigan poll: Obama leads Mccain by 10

Barack Obama now leads John McCain 53% to 43% in Michigan, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state.

Obama is down from the 16-point lead he held earlier in the month.

Crist says internal polls show McCain ahead in Fla.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) on Wednesday cited internal polls showing Republican presidential nominee John McCain ahead in the Sunshine State.

“I’m hearing some very encouraging numbers, you know, some polls reporting [McCain] three or four points up already in the Sunshine State,” the governor said.

Michael Steele: Don't get caught up in the glamour of the first black nominee

"I am proud of Barack as an African-American but I am doing everything in my power to defeat him," said Mr Steele, who has previously urged the community not to get caught up in the glamour of the first black nominee. "I disagree with him on everything: health care, taxes, the war, the environment, you name it.

"Let's be fair and honest, he is a great speaker. But what changes for me as a black man if he wins this election? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

What changes for me as an American? Everything, because his philosophy will harm my business, my family and me personally."

McCain: Obama not ready to be commander in chief

Flanked by many of his national security advisers, John McCain this afternoon aggressively challenged Democratic rival Barack Obama's readiness and capacity to be commander in chief.

"These statesmen and those who have joined me here today are supporting my candidacy because we share many of the same convictions, and the same assessment of the national security challenges before our country. And with good reason, they question whether my opponent in this election has the wisdom or judgment to serve as commander in chief," McCain said in Tampa.

He also said that Obama would withdraw from Iraq prematurely. "Victory must still be secured, in Iraq and Afghanistan" McCain said.

Obama's most consequential action on foreign policy was a 2002 speech opposing the Iraq war when he was an Illinois state senator and had "no vote" and "no responsibility."

Since Obama has been in the US Senate -- two years spent running for president, McCain said -- he wrongly opposed the troop surge in Iraq. That's something, McCain said, Obama "hopes in the cloud of crisis at home" that voters will forget.

"But the question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect America from Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, and other grave threats in the world. And he has given you no reason to answer in the affirmative," McCain said. "Senator Joe Biden has a way of straying off message and stumbling on the truth, and his most recent warning bears close attention. He cautioned us -- in fact, he guaranteed his listeners -- that because he is untested Barack Obama would only invite an international crisis."

ITS DOWN TO 3 , IBD/TIPP Poll: 046.9, M43.9

0BAMA 46.9,

This is a 1 point improvement for McCain. Actually, M hardly moved, but 0 dropped a point.

FINALY:McCain Trusted More on Taxes and Economy

After several weeks of John McCain’s campaign attacks on Barack Obama’s tax plan and idea of “spreading the wealth around”, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds voters trust McCain more than Obama on taxes, 47% to 45%.

Two weeks ago, Obama had a one point-advantage on the issue of taxes and a month ago, he had a three-point edge. The last time McCain had the advantage on this issue was September 14, just before the collapse of Lehman Brothers started the meltdown on Wall Street.

Men favor McCain by a 51% to 43% margin when it comes to taxes, while women still trust Obama more, 48% to 43%.

Voters now trust Obama overall on six out of ten electoral issues tracked by Rasmussen Reports. Two weeks ago, the Democrat holding the edge on seven issues. A month ago, Obama had the advantage on every issue.

McCain also has gained ground as the candidate to trust on economic issues. Forty-eight percent (48%) now trust the Republican hopeful more than the Democrat while 47% hold the opposite view. This is the first time McCain has led on the issue that has hurt his campaign since September 17. One month ago, Obama held a nine-point advantage when it came to economic issues.

The video's that is going to hand Mccain a Victory in PA

SHMUCK TODD(MSNBC):Don't dismiss the likelihood that this race will tighten

......Yogi's right. It's never over 'til it's over.

But McCain is attempting to do what no presidential candidate in a similar position has managed to pull off (forget Truman, the polls were way off).

If he does pull it off, it would be truly uncharted territory.

But that's the beauty of politics. Sometimes anything does happen.

At a minimum, don't be surprised if the race closes. It would be a bigger upset if Obama won by 10 points than if McCain won by one

Freepshop ad: WOULD YOU?

Woman Surprised To Learn She Contributed $174,000 To Barack Obama This Year

Mary T Biskup of Manchester, Mo, discovered there were scores of small online donations made to the Obama campaign in her name, even though she hasn’t given him a dime. They added up to $174,800, which is a wee bit over the $2,300 limit. This very generous donation was not billed to her own card, but to someone else’s - meaning (as the Post says) “someone appropriated her name

Christian radio Host making the case agianst Obama

Link: Christian case against obama

Obama Memo: Race is Tightening in Battleground States

In a phone interview with FOX News, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand said: “John McCain is right. Things are tightening in the battleground states.”

FOX News obtained a copy of a memo Hildebrand sent to long-standing Democratic operatives on Tuesday.

The memo, shown below, reveals the extensive get-out-the-vote efforts Obama’s team has underway and “urgent” needs that have yet to be met.

Hildebrand told FOX News he sent the memo out to boost efforts in Florida but that similar memos were also sent out seeking help in North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio. He said needs were less acute in Pennsylvania.

Hildebrand said the campaign disregards current state polls showing Obama ahead.

“They were not always a good indicator in the primaries so we’re working hard now. We feel good but we always need more help in the field. On the ground in these states, things feel like they are tightening.”

Gallup: race still in margin of Error (Obama +3)

Obama 49
Mccain 46


"It must be nice for a candidate to have major news organizations looking after his best interests like that," Palin said. "In this case, we have a newspaper willing to throw aside even the public's right to know in order to protect a candidate that its own editorial board has endorsed. And if there's a Pulitzer Prize category for excelling in cow-towing, then the L.A. Times, you're winning."


Gov. Rendel is handing over PA to Mccain

MSNBC: Gov. Rendell - "The people at McCain's rally's have no wealth"

Quinnipiac Florida General Election

Barack Obama 47% (last poll 49%)
John McCain 45% (last poll 44%)

BREAKING: ITS A TIE 48-48 (dailykos)

McCain 48%
Obama 48%

The results are stunning as i re-weighted the Dailykos Poll ,The estimated demographic is the real situation in this divided Country :Democrats 39%, Republicans 38%, Independents 22%
(McCain gets 91% R, 9% D & 44% I ; Obama gets 87% D, 5% R & 48% I)

Obama Up by 6 in Daily Kos Tracking Poll [M+6 since Oct 25]

Obama, according to the same poll, led by 12 percentage points on October 25. The poll is also highly weighted to the Dems.


Democrats 385 (35%)
Republicans 286 (26%)
Independents 330 (30%)



"...Among those who “always” vote in general elections, Obama leads by just a single point..."


The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote nationwide while John McCain earns 47%. This is the first time McCain has been within three points of Obama in more than a month and the first time his support has topped 46% since September 24

(Note: the partisan weighting targets used by Rasmussen Reports is 40.0% Democratic, 32.8% Republican, and 27.2% unaffiliated)

Obama Has no Chance in Pennsylvania

You can believe pollsters (who wrongly predicted the Obama v. Hillary contest) or you can believe the Democrats on the ground who worked with the voters and volunteers in the primary and who are with them today.

In Pennsylvania, we are not alone.

The same people who ran the board for us in the primary — who assured us daily that the polls the media was pushing were wrong in claiming Obama would beat Clinton in PA — tell us on a daily basis that McCain is going to win Pennsylvania. There’s a damn good chance this won’t even be close, if what people are seeing on the ground right now holds, and is indicative of the whole state.

DEMOCRATS are staffing McCain offices across the state. DEMOCRATS are phone banking and canvassing for McCain. DEMOCRATS are raising large sums to fund this last week of campaigning.


This has NEVER happened before — and the media is ignoring it. The media consistently claims that Obama enjoys the support of 85% of Democrats, versus only 80% of Republicans who supposedly are supporting McCain. We call BS on all of this — we’d say 90% of Republicans are supporting McCain, and 65-70% of Democrats are actually supporting Obama. At least that’s the case in Pennsylvania, and in Ohio too. Our mission this next week is to reach out to every Democrat we can and let them know it’s okay to vote Republican this year — because the Republican is the better choice. . . .

We do not believe Obama will carry Pittsburgh or Harrisburg in PA. He’ll win Philly, but not by the large margin he needs to take the state. You’ve heard Governor Ed Rendell is “worried” about Obama’s chances in Pennsylvania. That is an understatement. Obama will lose a state that hasn’t gone red in generations.

We have Democrats on the ground in Pennsylvania telling us this while Ed Rendell is rubbing his forehead and wondering what to do. The Racist, Redneck, Bitter Clingers, who won the state for Hillary by a margin of 10 points, are gearing up to vote for a Republican war hero to replace the disgraced Jack Murtha. And these are just the Democrats. I think Republicans get to vote in Pennsylvania too.

Ten Reasons Why McCain Could Still Win

The media is telling voters, especially Republican voters, that the presidential race is over. The handwriting is on the wall. The fat lady is singing. Don’t even bother to vote.

But wait, isn’t there an election next week? After all this, don’t voters have a choice?

Sure, there is less than a week to go and, as of this writing, there is not a single national poll showing John McCain in the lead. But the race isn’t over. And there are some pretty good reasons, ten that come to mind actually, as to why the contest is not a foregone conclusion.

First, the daily tracking polls are tightening. You see lots more “4s” and “5s” and many fewer “8s,” “9s,” and “10s.” That means voters aren’t yet fixed on a choice. It also means Obama hasn’t closed the sale.

Second, some polls show that seven to ten percent of the voters are still undecided. Even Obama partisans (like the MSNBC analysts) concede that the vast majority of these voters could well be McCain supporters, or at least “No-Bama” voters. If Obama is below 50% going into the election, that may signal a late breaking surge for McCain.

Third, no one really has a clue as to who is going to show up to vote. Gallup threw in the towel and has three turnout models. If those college kids all turn out it may be a short and sad evening for McCain. But if they decide to go partying instead, and/or if Sarah Palin has tapped into the conservative base (like Bush did in 2004) it will be a long and hopeful night for McCain.

Fourth, Joe the Plumber and Barack the Radio Show Guest gave McCain his strongest argument, or rather proof for his argument, that Obama is an ultra-liberal bent on redistributing the wealth, not creating it.

Fifth, Joe Biden did his best to scare the dickens out of his own donors and became fodder for a Saturday Night Live skit when he warned Obama would be tested by an international crisis and wouldn’t be likely to pass the test.

Sixth, Sarah Palin is going “rogue” — telling off her handlers, talking to the media, and making the case before tens of thousands of cheering fans.

Seventh, Americans have pretty much figured out that one way or another, Bush is leaving office. They don’t need to vote for Obama to see Bush go.

Eighth, the stories of the ACORN voter registration scandal and the “thugocracy” of the Obama camp have percolated up through the blogosphere and talk radio and into MSM coverage.

Ninth, voters have figured out that an Obama presidency would mean an end to divided government.

Tenth, John McCain may not be raising the issue, but Reverend Wright is back in independent ads.

So we’re being told that it’s over. And McCain certainly has his work cut out for him. But voters always get the last say. Come to think of it, that’s probably why the media is so anxious to tell us that this one is in the bag.

Mccain ad: 'Special'

Change you can believe in..

"If you believe in miracles," said GOP consultant Joe Gaylord of Arlington, Va., "you still believe in McCain."

A depressed Madona lets out her bitterness on Palin

John & Cindy Mccain on Hannity n' Colmes

Palestinian working for Obama

Palestinian Ibrahim Abu Jayab, 24, is seen next to his computer, in his family house in Nusayrat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008. A young Palestinian in a Gaza refugee camp is doing his part to get out the vote for Barack Obama. With a little help from the Internet, 24-year-old Ibrahim Abu Jayab is cold calling random American families from his parent's home imploring them to vote Obama.

News Flash!!: Obama’s campaign offers $3-million to API for Michelle Obama tape set to air on FNC

African Press International (API) ^ | October 29, 2008 | API Chief Editor Korir
News Flash!!: Obama’s campaign manager offers 3 million dollars to API in connection with Michelle Obama tape to be aired by Fox News Network Posted by africanpress on October 29, 2008 Six hours after the release of information by API on the planned broadcast by Fox News Network of the Michelle Obama tape, in accordance with an agreement that has been reached between API and Fox News Network, API was contacted by Obama’s Campaign Manager. Those who are close to the democratic presidential candidate must be desperate to win the elections no matter what, otherwise they would not have taken...


INN- Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama is currently hiding his anti-Israel views in order to get elected, according to a well-known anti-Israel activist. The activist, Ali Abunimah, claimed to know Obama well and to have met him on numerous occasions at pro-Palestinian events in Chicago.
In an article he penned for the anti-Israeli website Electronic Intifada, Abunimah wrote:

"The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.
'Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race.'

''As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, 'Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.' He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy [and said:] 'Keep up the good work!'"

SurveyUsa poll in OH: Obama 49 Mccain 45

weighing in the 2000-2004 results 40 percent R 35 percent D 25 percent I + the poll data showing Mccain getting 85 percent Republican's . 14 percent Democrats & 45 percent Independents while Obama is getting 81 percent Democrats . 11 percent Republicans & 43 Independents.
John Mccain should be winning Ohio 50-44

(source : Free Republic)


The shift to Mccain will hopefuly be seen in the next coming today was the first positive day for Mccain in the 2ace along time... polls showing the race tightining...and Mccain's strong message on tax A the Economy.

Obama strategist: I FEAR A MCCAIN COMEBACK

AGI- ''Our nightmare is that in the end the huge consensus that Obama has gained will not transform into votes''. In an interview with DNews a few days before the US presidential elections, David Axelrod, strategist in Barack Obama's campaign said he feared a comeback by Republican McCain. ' In these last few days McCain's disadvantage will decrease. It is the nature of presidential campaigns: it always happens that in the final rush that the gap diminishes.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It aint going like they predicted, Obama has what to worry in CO

Only third of mail-in votes are in

The Denver Post

Douglas County Election Judge Wendy Allen authenticates mail-in ballots before they're tabulated in Castle Rock on Monday. (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post )With Election Day one week from today, only about a third of the people who requested mail-in ballots in Colorado have so far returned them.

That figure surprises some political insiders, who thought — more than three weeks after mail-in ballots started going out — that the number would be higher.

But more than anything, it underscores the last, critical challenge for campaigns across the state: Come Election Day, polls and voter-registration tallies and crowd sizes mean nothing. The only number that matters is the number of votes

Black Pastor James David Manning making the case against Obama

don't laugh too loud...he is so cute..the way he shouts on Obama: you nigga nigga...

McCain is slightly ahead in Florida among early voters, 49% to 45%.

McCain pollster predicts massive turnout

The pollster for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) predicted Monday that 130 million people – the highest percentage of eligible voters in American history – will turn out in this presidential election.

“Turn-out IS going to go through the roof,” McCain’s pollster, Bill McInturff, says in a strategy memo released to the press. “Last night, 81% of voters described their interest in this election as a 10! Wow.”

McInturff says he thinks traditionally Republican states are “MUCH more competitive than is generally believed by the media,” and says McCain’s salvation will come from “’Wal-Mart women” — women without a college degree, in households making under $60,000 a year.

The case McInturff makes is much more optimistic than anything detected by outside pollsters or analysts.

High turnout of motivated new voters has long been viewed by strategists for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as his key to victory.

But McInturff maintains that the new record will not be disastrous for his candidate because all types of voters will surge, not just young people and African-Americans.

“I now believe turn-out will begin to approach levels not seen since other comparable presidential campaigns in 1960 and 1968,” McInturff wrote. “In today’s terms, that could mean breaking the barrier of 130 million voters!”

Obama in 1995: Rev. Wright is 'The Best of What the Black Church Has to Offer'

Michelle Obama tapes to be aired any day/time from now: API and Fox News Network

A final agreement has been reached between African Press International (API) and Fox News Network (USA) on the dates to air the Michelle Obama tape arising from a discussion Mrs Obama had with the API two weeks ago. The show will take place any day/time from now, with a 15 minutes alert on when it is to take place. Other programmes will be interrupted. This is a precaution taken to avoid interference from any quarter.
In the agreement, Fox News Network will broadcast 39 minutes of the 54 minutes long tape. The whole tape cannot be aired unedited due to security reasons and especially due to the explosive political temperature in the country because of the Presidential elections that is just around the corner, November 4th.
The tape will be aired in two portions by two separate units in the Network. API’s representative will appear live in one of the shows.


Last week reports that the market fears a Obama win caused the market to continue crashing down... and what happened the last 2 days, John McCain is closing the gap, his numbers are going up, and so is the Dow ... investors are starting to see the light sparking out of the closed tunnel doors, and are starting to have Hope.

now! don't come bk to me if the Market doesn't continue going up tomorrow and accuse me of being naive... the economy is Bad.. and that's why we need more then ever the man that will fix it and bring it back to a stable growing Economy.



Joe the Talker: Can Biden be good until Election Day?

Many GOP-ers say "let Sarah be Sarah" — but that's not what the Dems have to say about their gaffe-prone VP nominee.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In some Republican circles, the battle cry for the campaign’s final week is: “Let Sarah be Sarah!”

On the leading but nail-biting Democratic side, there is a very different mantra: “Don’t let Biden be Biden (at least until after Election Day).”

....But Joe Biden is always Joe Biden — a complicated, inexplicable condition long studied and analyzed in Wilmington, Del., and on Capitol Hill but that the rest of the nation (and a new squad of Obama-Biden aides) is only now coming to realize brings new levels of complexity and danger to the political game.

For starters, the state of being Joe Biden means odd things can come out of one’s mouth — sometimes harmlessly, even endearingly, but sometimes with real consequences, as when Biden famously declared that it will “not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.”

...But some of Wade’s colleagues on the Obama-Biden staff acknowledge privately that Biden’s comment sent shudders through the campaign — and that was before the verbal miscue vaulted Biden into a new and alarming status as a punch line for late-night comics.

The level of concern in Obamaland was evidenced by the presidential nominee himself saying publicly, in response, that “Joe sometimes engages in rhetorical flourishes.” Ouch.

There is clearly an effort to keep Biden out of trouble until after next Tuesday.


CNN rejected Obama ad; Fox News not asked
Make of this what you will: CNN says the Barack Obama campaign tried to purchase airtime tomorrow night on the network to run its 30-minute primetime ad. The news network says it rejected the request.

From a CNN spokesperson:

We were approached by the Obama campaign and declined their request. We did not want to pre-empt our programming lineup with a 30-minute spot. We rather use our air to continue to cover the campaign, candidates and issues like we always do from all points of view with the best political team on television.

A speechwriter for Obama, Edwards, and Clinton on why she’s voting McCain.

Since I started writing speeches more than ten years ago, I have always believed in the Democratic Party. Not anymore. Not after the election of 2008. This transformation has been swift and complete and since I’m a woman writing in the election of 2008, “very emotional.”

....The final straw came the other week when Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (a.k.a Joe the Plumber) asked a question about higher taxes for small businesses. Instead of celebrating his aspirations, they were mocked. He wasn’t “a real plumber,” and “They’re fighting for Joe the Hedge-Fund manager,” and the patronizing, “I’ve got nothing but love for Joe the Plumber.”

Perhaps this is why I found the initial mocking of Joe so offensive and I realized an old line applied: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me.”

The party I believed in wouldn’t look down on working people under any circumstance. And Joe the Plumber is right. This is the absolutely worst time to raise taxes on anyone: the rich, the middle class, the poor, small businesses and corporations.

Our economy is in the tank for many complicated reasons, especially because people don’t have enough money. So let them keep it. Let businesses keep it so they can create jobs and stay here and weather this storm. And yet, the Democratic ideology remains the same. Our approach to problems—big government solutions paid for by taxing the rich and big and smaller companies—is just as tired and out of date as trickle down economics. How about a novel approach that simply finds a sane way to stop the bleeding?

That’s not exactly the philosophy of a Democrat. Not only has this party belittled working people in this campaign from Joe the Plumber to the bitter comments, it has also been part of tearing down two female candidates. At first, certain Democrats and the press called Senator Clinton “dishonest.” They went after her cleavage. They said her experience as First Lady consisted of having tea parties. There was no outrage over “Bros before Hoes” or “Iron My Shirt.” Did Senator Clinton make mistakes? Of course. She’s human

.....But thank God for election 2008. We can talk about the wardrobe and make-up even though most people don’t understand the details about Senator Obama’s plan with Iraq. When he says, “all combat troops,” he’s not talking about all troops—it leaves a residual force of as large as 55,000 indefinitely. That’s not ending the war; that’s half a war.

I was dead wrong about the surge and thought it would be a disaster. Senator John McCain led when many of us were ready to quit. Yet we march on as if nothing has changed, wedded to an old plan, and that too is a long way from the Democratic Party.

I can no longer justify what this party has done and can’t dismiss the treatment of women and working people as just part of the new kind of politics. It’s wrong and someone has to say that. And also say that the Democratic Party’s talking points—that Senator John McCain is just four more years of the same and that he’s President Bush—are now just hooker lines that fit a very effective and perhaps wave-winning political argument…doesn’t mean they’re true. After all, he is the only one who’s worked in a bipartisan way on big challenges.

Before I cast my vote, I will correct my party affiliation and change it to No Party or Independent. Then, in the spirit of election 2008, I’ll get a manicure, pedicure, and my hair done. Might as well look pretty when I am unemployed in a city swimming with “D’s.”

Whatever inspiration I had in Chapel Hill two years ago is gone. When people say how excited they are about this election, I can now say, “Maybe for you. But I lost my home.”


Ipsos poll: Mccain gains 4 points and closes the gap

McCain cuts into Obama's edge on jobs, economy, poll finds
McClatchy Newspapers

"Joe the Plumber" may be paying off for Sen. John McCain.

The Arizona senator scored sharp gains on the pivotal issue of jobs and the economy in the past week, helping him gain a bit on front-runner Sen. Barack Obama and narrow the presidential race as it heads into the final week, according to an Ipsos-McClatchy Poll released Tuesday.

The poll found Obama's margin over McCain on who's stronger on jobs and the economy - by far the top issue in the country - down from 16 points to 7 points in one week.

The Illinois senator's loss of ground on that benchmark question came as McCain hammered him repeatedly as someone who would give taxpayers' money to the poor and pay for it by raising taxes on small businesses, much like the plumbing business in Ohio that "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher said he wanted to buy someday.

Overall, the poll found:

-Obama, the Democrat, supported by 48 percent of likely voters.

-McCain, the Republican, supported by 42 percent.

Obama's 6-point lead in the Ipsos-McClatchy Poll is down from 8 points the week before. The survey of 831 likely voters, taken Thursday through Monday, has an error margin of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

When matched head to head without other candidates, Obama leads McCain by 5 points, down from 9 the week before.

Obama still leads in the Ipsos-McClatchy Poll among most demographic groups and on most issues. But he has lost ground on several:

-On jobs and the economy, voters prefer Obama by 50-43 percent. The week before, they preferred him by 54-38.

-On taxes, they prefer Obama by 48-43 percent, a drop of 3 points in a week.

-On health care, likely voters trust Obama over McCain by 53-37 percent. That 16-point advantage was down from 24 points the week before.

-Obama also lost a little standing on family values, the traditionally Republican issue where he has the edge, 47-42 percent. The week before, he led on family values by 48-40 percent.

Study: Undecided voters may already have decided (warm to Obama, but Leaning towards Mccain)

Undecided voters may already have decided, study suggests
Do "undecided" voters actually make their choices before they realize?

That is a question University of Virginia psychology professor Brian Nosek and his colleagues are trying to answer.

"Many people, especially early in the political process, declare themselves as undecided," Nosek said. "But while they have consciously said that they are undecided, they unconsciously may have already made a choice."

The research team operates "Project Implicit," a publicly accessible research and education Web site ( at which visitors can complete the Implicit Association Test to measure their own implicit associations. The test is available for a variety of topics, including an "Obama-McCain" task that was developed for the U.S. presidential election.

In its 10 years of existence, about 7 million people have completed tests at the Web site, including more than 25,000 who have tested their implicit preferences regarding presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

"Undecided voters may have decided implicitly before they know that they have explicitly," Nosek said. U.S. undecided voters, on average, reported feeling slightly warmer toward Obama than McCain, but they implicitly showed a slight preference for McCain over Obama.

Instead, the study offers an opportunity to learn how implicit preferences may shape the decisions of undecided voters. It follows a recent Italian study that showed that the implicit preferences of undecided voters predicted their eventual vote.

Other preliminary findings from the large U.S. study:

Implicitly, Democrats are strongly pro-Obama, and Republicans are strongly pro-McCain, similar to their explicit preferences.
Independents are implicitly pro-Obama, on average, similar to current polling results.
The most intriguing subsample is the large number of undecideds who appear to be leaning toward McCain implicitly and toward Obama explicitly.

"Participants are often surprised to learn that they may have unconscious biases regarding candidates, or racial or religious views that are quite different from their stated beliefs," Nosek said. "For example, few people in modern society are actively racist, but most of us possess implicit associations linking white people with good and black people with bad more easily than the reverse."

Pennsylvania Poll:Obama 53 Mccain 46 (gains 7 pts)

In Pennsylvania, John McCain has pulled back within single digits of Barack Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state shows Obama with 53% of the vote while McCain picks up 46%. That seven-point margin is half the 13-point advantage Obama enjoyed early in October. Not coincidentally, Obama’s current lead is matched by a seven-point advantage on the question of which candidate is trusted more on the economy.


Gallup Narrows Slightly

I'm a tiny bit worried...Gallup narrowed slighly Rachel Maddow said..someone talk me down

McCain camp demands L.A. Times release video

John McCain's campaign is demanding that the Los Angeles Times release a video of a party for a prominent Palestinian activist that Barack Obama attended in 2003.

The Times described the going-away party for former University of Chicago professor, and Obama friend, Rashid Khalidi, in a story in April. The story reported that Palestinians thought they might have a friend in Obama because of his friendships in that community, despite the fact that his positions have never been particularly pro-Palestinian.

"A major news organization is intentionally suppressing information that could provide a clearer link between Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi," said McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb, citing Obama's friendship with Khalidi, who is now a professor at Columbia University.

He said the video could, among other things, show how Obama responded to a poem recited at the party accusing Israel of "terrorism" and warning of consequences for U.S. support for Israel, which Goldfarb described as "hate speech."

Rasmussen State Polls: Good news coming out of PA and NV....DEVELOPING.........

YA YA!!! Al Gore Warns That 2000 Could Repeat Itself

Former Vice President Al Gore today warned that Democrats could see another candidate fall just short of the White House if supporters do not work hard to push Barack Obama toward victory between now and Nov. 4

Gore sent an e-mail to supporters this afternoon, urging them to volunteer for Obama's campaign and using 2000 as a cautionary tale.

"Barack Obama is rising up to unite America behind his vision of progressive change. Yet we know from 2000 that progress is not inevitable. Victory can fall just out of reach. And the difference of a few thousand votes can put our country on a decidedly different path," Gore wrote.

"That's why I'm writing to you today to personally ask you to volunteer with the Obama campaign to help get out the vote this week. Everything we've worked for together hangs in the balance in these next few days," the former vice president continued.


By Dick Morris Zogby, Rasmussen and Gallup all report McCain closing to 5 points back. Zogby had him 12 back, Rasmussen 8 and Gallup 6 in their previous polling. McCain’s use of the Joe the Plumber and the tax issue in his ads is working!

Unilaterally, John McCain agreed to disarm himself by refusing to use perhaps his most potent weapon in exposing Barack Obama: the Democrats’ relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The McCain campaign and, at its direction, the Republican Party, have banned use of footage of Rev. Wright from their campaign commercials. Perhaps for fear of being accused of racism, they are not bringing up the single most compromising association in Obama’s past - his close liaison with Rev. Wright.

But it does not matter that Rev. Wright is black, white, or brown…or purple. What matters is that he spews hatred of the United States and that Obama was an active participant in his church. Or are we supposed to believe that Obama regularly attended church with Wright for two decades, chose the Reverend to baptize his children and officiate at his wedding, titled his book Audacity of Hope after a sermon of the Reverend’s, but did not know of his anti-American views? Nonsense.

The only time the issue has been used was during the Democratic primary when Obama’s ties to Wright were first revealed and the Reverend’s horrific anti-American sermons were aired on television. Even then, Obama tried to distance himself from Wright in the mildest of possible terms, only denouncing him more sternly after the relationship had begun to sap his standing in the polls.

Fortunately, one independent expenditure group — has the courage to bring the truth about Rev. Wright to the attention of the American people. has prepared a hard-hitting advertisement that features some of Wright’s worst rantings and explains the intimate relationship over twenty years between the preacher and the politician., of course, is funded by individual donations, so their financial resources are limited.

As we enter the final week, this election is not yet over. Zogby shows Obama’s lead collapsing from 12 points on Thursday of last week to just five points over this past weekend. Other polls have Obama’s lead in the 5-7 point range, little enough ground to close in six more days. Only surveys that have quotas for large number of Democratic participants show Obama’s lead to be in double digits.

But McCain will not win with one hand tied behind his back. So now is the time for all good Republicans to come to the aid of their party and run the ads that should be run to defeat Barack Obama.

New mccain ad: Tiny


Daley Predicts 1 Million At Obama Election Party

CHICAGO• Mayor Daley predicted Tuesday that more than a million people would descend on Grant Park for Barack Obama's election night "celebration" and said the city has no plans to screen people entering the park. The mayor said "everybody's talking about" the Obama celebration..

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll, Day Sixteen: Obama 47.7%, McCain 43.7%, Undecided 8.6%.

Republican PAC Launches $2.5M Ad Buy in Swing States Connecting Obama With Reverend Wright

Obama keep the change

got a email of a republican great American:

A message to Obama: I keep my religion, my freedom, my guns, my Money, and you keep the Change

Michael Savage Endorses John McCain

I Endorse ‘Old War Horse’ McCain Over ‘Naked Marxist’ Obama

'Joe the Plumber' Backs Claim That Obama Would Bring 'Death to Israel'

Joe Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. "Joe the Plumber," on Tuesday twice agreed with a claim from an audience member at a John McCain rally that "a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the death to Israel."

Wurzelbacher was hitting the campaign trail on behalf of McCain for the first time, joining former Rep. Rob Portman on a GOP bus tour through Ohio.

At a stop in Columbus, he fielded the question on Israel from a self-identified Jewish senior citizen.

The questioner said he was "concerned" with Barack Obama's associations and "It's my belief that a vote for Obama is a vote for the death to Israel."

Wurzelbacher responded: "I do know that."


PEW research poll interviewed 490 Dem's, 361 Rep's & 411 Independents
thats about 26% republicans, 39% democrats and 33% independents
Since when do Independents count More then republicans, when the country is so Divided?



NBC/Mason-Dixon North Carolina General Election

John McCain 47%
Barack Obama 47%



=Pew Research Center, national presidential race among registered voters. =: Barack Obama 52 percent, John McCain 36 percent.
LV Obama 53 , Mccain 38



I have alot of reasons to believe that mccain is heading for a suprise stunning Victory, when he was up and when he was down i still had the Hope that the public is under-estimating Mccain, but now more then ever i strongly believe that Victory is in our favour, Mccain's strong Message the last week, and the polls showing a very tight race, both nationaly and in all swing states, where mccain is trailing Obama only 5-1 points....

Whoever is writing us off or predicting a Obama win, i urge to find a bunker to hide on Nov. 5 , because the American people are not stupid and the choice is clear...


The gap between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Saturday through Monday has narrowed slightly, and Obama is now at 49% of the vote to 47% for McCain among likely voters using Gallup's traditional model, and at 51% to 44% using Gallup's expanded model


ahoo's current top story features a map that I think is a fair starting point for any electoral analysis. Barring anything huge in the final week, the electoral votes that are basically already decided look like this: Obama 234, McCain 163, Undecided 141.Obama thus needs to add only 36 EV's. The 11 unclaimed states are:FL 27PA 21OH 20NC 15VA 13IN 11MO 11CO 9NM 5NV 5NH 4If Obama takes only CO and FL (36 total EV), it's over. If he fails in six of the biggest seven prizes here, he still wins (with NH, NV, NM, CO, and VA, totalling exactly...


'''s wonderful to fool the pundits ....we are going to win the state of PA....''.

Morris: NRT ad of Obama & Wright can have a big impact

Dick Morris told Fox News yesterday, that the ad can have a "devastating effect" because its running in critical swing states.


Sen. Obama is runnig to be Redistributor in Chief . I am runnig to be Commander in Chief. Sen. Obama is running to spread the Wealth . I am running to Create Wealth. Senator Obama is running to punish the successful. I’m running to make everyone successful.
Senator Obama has made a lot of promises. First he said people making less than 250,000 dollars would benefit from his plan, then this weekend he announced in an ad that if you’re a family making less than 200,000 dollars you’ll benefit — but yesterday, right here in Pennsylvania, Senator Biden said tax relief should only go to “middle class people — people making under 150,000 dollars a year.” It’s interesting how their definition of rich has a way of creeping down. At this rate, it won’t be long before Senator Obama is right back to his vote that Americans making just 42,000 dollars a year should get a tax increase. We can’t let that happen....''


No wonder Obama came up yesterday with a plan to his supporter to take off one day of work to go out and work for this Election.
After the conventions.Debates & market crisis Obama stil has not closed the deal and the Rep voters are confident in their choice. Obama fears that on Election day the turnout could break even for both parties ...and add on the race issue...the die hard Hillary voters... the special need families that will flock to Palin's favour.... the Female vote... the vets...and the oversea military vote...and Mccain pulls out a stunning Victory.

HILLBUZZ: Obama has no shot of winning the Keystone State

Tonight we spoke with a friend from Hillary Clintons campaign who is now working for McCain/Palin and is specifically working with Democrats for McCain in Pennsylvania. We worked with her in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for Hillary and have spent many LONG hours with her in the trenches in all of those states. Shes smart, doesnt BS, and never lies.
She says the same thing we do: John McCain will win Pennsylvania.
On November 4th, the news networks are going to be spinning and sputtering and playing catchup, but everything we see on the ground in PA is what we saw during the primaries: Obama has no shot of winning the Keystone State

Supposed R internal polling has Mccain up National. in PA & MN

Caller Karl on Quinn & Rose Morning show said McCain is up Nationally in R Internal Polling 50 to 41 In Pa. 51 to 38 And in Minnesota he has gone ahead for the 1st tome 45 to 44

Monday, October 27, 2008

Against All Odds, McCain Still Sees a Final Comeback

John McCain used to joke about politicians — like George W. Bush — who claimed they never paid any attention to polls. "Oh, no, we never look at the polls!" he said aboard the Straight Talk Express in the days before the New Hampshire primary in January. Then he shot a glance over to his chief strategist, Steve Schmidt, and asked with a grin, "Any new polls this morning, Sergeant Schmidt? Any new numbers?" Like most politicians and political professionals, McCain was obsessed with the polls. He knew how to read them. And he knew — whether they bore good news or bad — that they usually told the truth.

And so it required a slight suspension of disbelief to watch NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning as Tom Brokaw opened with, and kept coming back to, McCain's weakness in the polls in his contest against Barack Obama for the White House. "Listen, I don't have the most encouraging news for you today from the NBC News/Mason-Dixon poll," Brokaw began, as he sat with McCain in Waterloo, Iowa. "Here in Iowa, it now shows that Obama has a lead of 11 points, 51% to 40%." McCain's reply — "Those polls have consistently shown me much further behind than we actually are" — set up what became a kind of call-and-response routine between host and guest for the rest of the interview, with Brokaw pointing out all the signs of trouble, and McCain insisting things were not nearly so bad. "We're doing fine. We have closed in the last week," he said gamely. "We continue this close through next week — you're going to be up very, very late on election night."

McCain seemed tired, as if he had been up too many late nights, and at times his answers meandered through a series of only tangentially connected sentences. But his central argument — that the race is not over, that he might still pull this thing out — is not completely unreasonable. It is not just that McCain has stared long odds in the face before and triumphed, as he did when his campaign collapsed in the summer of 2007, financially broke and in disarray. Back then, trusted friends advised him to withdraw rather than suffer a humiliating defeat. Even some of his closest associates were ready to give up, and it fell to McCain to tell them to quit feeling sorry for themselves, to lecture them about what it means to keep fighting for what you believe in. Of course, he was right, and he emerged improbably from a field of contenders to win the Republican nomination. "McCain doesn't have a lot of time for quitters," says a senior McCain adviser. "He's not about to quit now."

The press has been awash in stories lately in which anonymous sources detail the infighting and blame-throwing going on within the campaign and the anger and fear felt by Republicans outside it; over the weekend, rising tension between aides to running mate Sarah Palin and McCain loyalists was on display, with one McCain adviser telling CNN that Palin was a "diva" who didn't listen to anyone. Morale was already an issue two weeks ago, when Schmidt gave a pep talk to staffers and volunteers at the campaign's Arlington, Va., headquarters. "Being part of an effort that fails does not make you a loser; it makes you a competitor," said Schmidt, according to an article in Sunday's Washington Post. "What makes you a loser is curling up into the fetal position at a time of adversity. The only thing that would ever define anyone as a loser is to quit before it is over."

McCain, say people who know him, believes he still has a chance. There are enough stray signs of hope — like a one-day poll sample from John Zogby that placed Obama's national advantage over McCain at just 3 percentage points (though most other national tracking polls put Obama's lead more in the 5-to-10-point range) — to keep the candidate and the the campaign going. Eschewing the attacks revolving around Bill Ayers and ACORN that appeared to backfire earlier this month, McCain is focusing most of his firepower on two primary targets: Obama's readiness to be a world leader ("I've been tested," McCain now says, referring to Obama running mate Joe Biden's own recent clumsy comments about the Democrat facing an international test once in office) and the threat of higher taxes and out-of-control government spending (where Joe the Plumber references keep coming up). Just in case neither of those are particularly persuasive, McCain is also making the argument that the country needs a Republican in the White House to check the ambitions of the almost-sure-to-grow Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate.

When Bob Dole realized he wasn't going to win against President Bill Clinton in 1996, Dole started campaigning in states that were of little help to him but where he could assist Republicans trying to hold on to their majorities in Congress. That kind of pivot hasn't happened in this race, though over the weekend conservative writer David Frum openly called on McCain to do just that for the good of the party. Scott Reed, who ran Dole's '96 campaign, says he believes McCain could still pull off a victory. "I think Schmidt's strategy has brought [McCain] back and kept it from being a blowout," he says. "It can be done."

Reed's comments echo the words of Mark McKinnon, who was McCain's chief media strategist until June, when he dropped off the campaign because he decided he didn't want to participate in attacking Obama. Writing for the website the Daily Beast, McKinnon defended McCain's general election strategy. "I know that Steve Schmidt and his colleagues have run a very good campaign and have taken McCain further than he had any reasonable right to, given the political climate," said McKinnon. "And by the way, don't tell the press, but the election ain't over yet. The old fighter pilot may have a couple barrel rolls left in him."

That could also just be happy talk meant to buck up the weary and the dispirited who dedicated much of the past 24 months of their lives to this effort. McCain's strategy in these final eight days of the campaign hinges on winning a slew of red states in which Obama currently holds leads of varying sizes in the polls — Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada — and then somehow producing an upset in Pennsylvania, a Blue state that went for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 and where Obama currently boasts a lead in the low double digits.

Both McCain and Palin have been spending much of the past couple of weeks in the Keystone State, hoping that Obama's support in western Pennsylvania, where Hillary Clinton far outdid the Illinois Senator in the primary, is soft and that McCain's efforts to distance himself from the current Republican President are convincing. (In that regard, he did himself no favors over the weekend, admitting that he and Bush share a "common philosophy," which Obama quickly seized upon.) Heeding calls from the likes of Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell not to take the state for granted, Obama is returning for rallies both Monday and Tuesday of this week. Absent a seismic event that changes the entire election dynamic, such an outcome for McCain is unlikely at best. "It's a very long shot," says a Republican strategist who advises the campaign. "But it's not impossible. At least it's something to hold on to."




ZOGBY TUESDAY: Obama 49%; McCain 45%; 6% Undecided



Mad for McCain (Starring Tito the Builder)

Glenn Beck endorses…Sarah Palin?

Pittsburgh Tribune:

“My hope is in Sarah Palin. Here’s why. A lot of people will say, oh, she’s too inexperienced. Yep, yep, she doesn’t have a lot of experience in Washington. She doesn’t have a lot of experience in being a community organizer. She doesn’t have a lot of experience in the Senate. She certainly doesn’t have a lot of experience sitting there and playing the Washington game. She may not know the names of every leader in every country. She may not know all of the things that she needs to know right now on absolutely anything that could possibly happen, but she will. She’s a smart woman. I would trust you in the Oval Office more than Barack Obama. I believe in the American people. I would trust a farmer in the office of the President of the United States much more than I would John McCain. I believe in the American people. I don’t believe in the individual. And I believe that there needs to be somebody that is listening to the American people, somebody who isn’t so far removed with academia and lawyering and posturing and political handlers and community organizing groups. We need somebody who is a reflection of you, not a bogus reflection of you that talks about talking to people in diners that have been closed for 15 years and is Joe Six-Pack because he pays $90 one way to get to work on an Amtrak train. That isn’t the subway, Joe. I hate to break it to ya.

Here’s what I want. I don’t need somebody with all of the answers. I don’t need somebody I always agree with. I need somebody with a compass in them that still points north and that northern star that we always have to plot our travels on is the people. Our founding fathers said at the very beginning, We the People. We the People have the power. We the People have the answer. We the People will solve this. You want to get out of this economic crisis? Free the people! And government and a bigger government doesn’t free the people. It enslaves the people. Well, Sarah Palin is part of We the People still. She’s not part of the system, and I pray for her every night. I said to her on the phone privately, “Please, Sarah, run. Run as fast as you can before they destroy you. Please get out of there before they destroy you.” I believe this woman is not going to be destroyed. Out of all the candidates that I see that have a chance — and I’ve looked at Bob Barr. Well, I haven’t looked at Cynthia McKinney but one look and that’s enough. I have looked at the other candidates. I don’t see any of them that have the fire in the belly. I don’t see any of them that actually believe in you, who actually is you, except Sarah Palin. So I’m going to pull the lever for John McCain and let the Lord sort it out. I want somebody that just, whose compass points north. Even though all these candidates think their compass points north, it doesn’t. It’s pointing east and some places it’s pointing south. In Barack Obama it is pointing south. He says that it’s pointing north, it’s to you, but it’s not. It’s to the government, it’s to Washington, it’s to the special interests. John McCain I think points somewhere maybe northeast. It’s in the right direction but it’s not right. Sarah Palin points to you. I’m casting my vote for Sarah Palin.


Rasmussen - 6 Swing states within margin of error

North Carolina

Obama's lead in 5 from 5-1 point
Mccain leads in NC with 1 point

John McCain: "Barack the Redistributor"

PPP (D) North Carolina: O-49%, M-48% (Dems oversampled by 14-points from 2004)

Internals: R-35%, D-48%, I-17% 2004 Exit Poll: R-40%, D-39%, I-21%

IBD/TIPP poll Obama's lead down to 2.8

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Fifteen Posted Monday, October 27, 2008 After seesawing between 3.2 and 3.9 points over the weekend, Obama's lead slipped to 2.8 Monday.

Obama 47 , Mccain 44.2
8 undecided

Mccain get 33% of the jewish vote

Biden bans CBS3 in Phill for asking tough questions too