Monday, October 27, 2008

Glenn Beck endorses…Sarah Palin?

Pittsburgh Tribune:

“My hope is in Sarah Palin. Here’s why. A lot of people will say, oh, she’s too inexperienced. Yep, yep, she doesn’t have a lot of experience in Washington. She doesn’t have a lot of experience in being a community organizer. She doesn’t have a lot of experience in the Senate. She certainly doesn’t have a lot of experience sitting there and playing the Washington game. She may not know the names of every leader in every country. She may not know all of the things that she needs to know right now on absolutely anything that could possibly happen, but she will. She’s a smart woman. I would trust you in the Oval Office more than Barack Obama. I believe in the American people. I would trust a farmer in the office of the President of the United States much more than I would John McCain. I believe in the American people. I don’t believe in the individual. And I believe that there needs to be somebody that is listening to the American people, somebody who isn’t so far removed with academia and lawyering and posturing and political handlers and community organizing groups. We need somebody who is a reflection of you, not a bogus reflection of you that talks about talking to people in diners that have been closed for 15 years and is Joe Six-Pack because he pays $90 one way to get to work on an Amtrak train. That isn’t the subway, Joe. I hate to break it to ya.

Here’s what I want. I don’t need somebody with all of the answers. I don’t need somebody I always agree with. I need somebody with a compass in them that still points north and that northern star that we always have to plot our travels on is the people. Our founding fathers said at the very beginning, We the People. We the People have the power. We the People have the answer. We the People will solve this. You want to get out of this economic crisis? Free the people! And government and a bigger government doesn’t free the people. It enslaves the people. Well, Sarah Palin is part of We the People still. She’s not part of the system, and I pray for her every night. I said to her on the phone privately, “Please, Sarah, run. Run as fast as you can before they destroy you. Please get out of there before they destroy you.” I believe this woman is not going to be destroyed. Out of all the candidates that I see that have a chance — and I’ve looked at Bob Barr. Well, I haven’t looked at Cynthia McKinney but one look and that’s enough. I have looked at the other candidates. I don’t see any of them that have the fire in the belly. I don’t see any of them that actually believe in you, who actually is you, except Sarah Palin. So I’m going to pull the lever for John McCain and let the Lord sort it out. I want somebody that just, whose compass points north. Even though all these candidates think their compass points north, it doesn’t. It’s pointing east and some places it’s pointing south. In Barack Obama it is pointing south. He says that it’s pointing north, it’s to you, but it’s not. It’s to the government, it’s to Washington, it’s to the special interests. John McCain I think points somewhere maybe northeast. It’s in the right direction but it’s not right. Sarah Palin points to you. I’m casting my vote for Sarah Palin.

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