Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Has no Chance in Pennsylvania

You can believe pollsters (who wrongly predicted the Obama v. Hillary contest) or you can believe the Democrats on the ground who worked with the voters and volunteers in the primary and who are with them today.

In Pennsylvania, we are not alone.

The same people who ran the board for us in the primary — who assured us daily that the polls the media was pushing were wrong in claiming Obama would beat Clinton in PA — tell us on a daily basis that McCain is going to win Pennsylvania. There’s a damn good chance this won’t even be close, if what people are seeing on the ground right now holds, and is indicative of the whole state.

DEMOCRATS are staffing McCain offices across the state. DEMOCRATS are phone banking and canvassing for McCain. DEMOCRATS are raising large sums to fund this last week of campaigning.


This has NEVER happened before — and the media is ignoring it. The media consistently claims that Obama enjoys the support of 85% of Democrats, versus only 80% of Republicans who supposedly are supporting McCain. We call BS on all of this — we’d say 90% of Republicans are supporting McCain, and 65-70% of Democrats are actually supporting Obama. At least that’s the case in Pennsylvania, and in Ohio too. Our mission this next week is to reach out to every Democrat we can and let them know it’s okay to vote Republican this year — because the Republican is the better choice. . . .

We do not believe Obama will carry Pittsburgh or Harrisburg in PA. He’ll win Philly, but not by the large margin he needs to take the state. You’ve heard Governor Ed Rendell is “worried” about Obama’s chances in Pennsylvania. That is an understatement. Obama will lose a state that hasn’t gone red in generations.

We have Democrats on the ground in Pennsylvania telling us this while Ed Rendell is rubbing his forehead and wondering what to do. The Racist, Redneck, Bitter Clingers, who won the state for Hillary by a margin of 10 points, are gearing up to vote for a Republican war hero to replace the disgraced Jack Murtha. And these are just the Democrats. I think Republicans get to vote in Pennsylvania too.

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