Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A MUST LISTEN:RUSH LIMBAUGH 'S Prebuttal to Obama's Infomercial (CLICK TO LINK)

.........So I come to you, my fellow Americans, with a simple message. If you believe in the principles and the institutions that have made this nation great, that have given more liberty and prosperity to more people than any other system on the face of the earth, that have created the most tolerant and giving and successful society in human history, then I urge you to reject the candidate who rejects these and our principles. If you want to leave your children and grandchildren and generations yet to come a country that is as free and hopeful and magnificent as the country you live in today and that your parents and grandparents left you, you will reject the candidate who rejects individual liberty, private property rights, and the Constitution. Do not allow a charismatic demagogue to change our great nation in ways that will diminish it. You have your destiny and America's destiny in your own hands, you, not the media, not the pollsters, not the pundits, you will decide this election. You will decide if you want to live in America or someplace that you won't recognize in a few years. You will decide if the principles that have served this nation so well will remain our governing principles.

This election, only six days away, is the most important election in our lifetime. Everything is at stake. We know this because Obama has said so. He has thrown down the gauntlet. He is running against our history. He is running against the system. He is running against our liberty, and so it is that I ask you on November 4th, next Tuesday, vote for liberty, your own and the nations. Vote for opportunity, your own and your children's. Vote for America. Vote for McCain-Palin. You will hear Obama tonight say that we have been talking about the same problems for decades and nothing has ever been done to solve them. This may be the most accurate statement Barack Obama has made, or will make, in the campaign. We have been talking about the same problems for decades. The problem is that for most of these decades, the people who have been fixing them have made them worse. It's not that we have done nothing to solve these problems.

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