Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morris: "This election is tied with 6 days to go"

from FreeRepublic:
On the O'Reilly Factor Dick Morris just said this campaign is "tied, with six days to go." He believes there are no "undecideds" at this point, just people who will vote for McCan but don't want to tell anyone. He said that seniors are getting very nervous about Obama's scumbag friends and his tax-and-spend plans, which McCain is hitting. He also said that seniors are getting scared of health care rationing, which is "the unavoidable result of suddenly adding 50 million new insureds to a system with zero new doctors and nurses." He raised the specter of people over 55 being denied medical treatment in such a scenario, as is happening in Britian and Canada. He finished with stating that the elderly white voter will not vote for Obama, regardless of what they tell polsters.

I know Morris loves the sound of his own voice, but he all but said he expects McCain to win "and will know for sure by Monday." But he refused to say so straight out, despite O'Reilly's urging.

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