Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A new poll shows Missouri voters are still about evenly divided when it comes to the presidential race. The CNN/Time/Opinion Research poll of 825 likely Missouri voters had McCain at 50 percent and Obama at 48 percent.

IF A 2 POINT LEAD IS A TIE. I UNDERSTAND THAT A 3 POINT LEAD IS A SIGNIFICANT LEAD & A 4 POINT LEAD IS A HISTORICAL LANDSLIDE...BUT OF COURSE ONLY IF ITS OBAMA'S FAVOUR... Of course in such a close race a Small lead doesn't count... but after spending a record amount of money and being the Front runner since he entered the Race as Nominee after 8 years of Republican and a Shattered Economy... after getting the support of the MSM & endorsements of all major Newspapers and Public figures... getting defended and being Protected from any Release or evidence on his past association's & beliefs...this Race is still so Close and all the Swing states are considured Toss-ups...this indicates that John Mccain has been vetted and being in favour of accepting the Trust of the American people on Nov. 4.

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