Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin on Pennsylvania: “With Your Help, We’re Going to Win this State. I Guarantee It.”

“This morning we were in Ohio. We were in the home of Joe The Plumber. And now we are here in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, home of Joe The Quarterback,” Palin said.

“But do you remember though in the biggest game of his life, all the experts had Joe Namath and the Jets written off to defeat. They were up against the elite team that had all the money and they were held in awe by the media.”

The analogy of the famous 1969 game and the current election was neither subtle nor lost on the crowd–or the press. She quickly moved on, “And Broadway Joe replied, we’re gonna win the game, I guarantee it. And they won. And I hope Joe won’t mind if I paraphrase him some in this state, his home state. Pennsylvania, with your help, we’re going to win this state. I guarantee it.”

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sol said...

She guarantees it; what does that mean? How so? Is she putting up collateral?

Suppose someone bets $10,000 for every $1,000 that McCain wins Pennsylvania and then they lose, would she pay up?