Friday, October 17, 2008

Left Blogger's fear a defeat...

It's not a guarantee that McCain will lose at all. Let's face it, my friends, if anyone can steal an election after we've won it, it's the Republicans. Obama needs enough of a margin of victory that the Republicans can't steal it. And Lord knows they're trying (what do you think the entire ACORN discussion is about? It's about delegitimizing Obama's victory before hit happens). And don't forget, if we get too cocky about already having won this election, our side may not turn out to vote, and then the Republicans will win not only the presidential, but congressional races as well. We need a massive voter turn out to take our country back from these weasels. Still, articles like this, that basically predict doom and gloom for McCain, are nothing but good news for our side. It's a crappy time to be a Republican in America.

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